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Buying short term car insurance - the old fashioned way

The Insurer looked up from his desk as three men walked into the office. The first wore a smart suit and sunglasses even though it was overcast outside. The second was skinny and had shifty eyes that kept looking everywhere, whilst the last one had shoulders so broad that he almost had to turn sideways to get through the door.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen, how may I help you?"

"We're looking for some short-term car insurance," said the first one.

"For a job," put in the second.

"Yeah, a job," rumbled the third.

"That's right," the first one agreed, "a job."

"Fine, we can certainly help you with that. And you are...?"

"I'm Charlie, this," he indicated the skinny man, "is Fingers and my other colleague is Big Ernie."

"Yeah, that's me," the big man said.

"Right, I'll just take some details." The insurer looked around on his desk. "That's funny, I could have sworn I put my pen down here a moment ago."

"Fingers, give the man a pen."

"Right Charlie," Fingers handed the Insurer a pen.

"Thank you." He looked at the pen. "Err, this looks very much like my..."

"Yes?" said Fingers.

"Oh, nothing. It must be my imagination. Anyway, let me get the details. So, how long would you need the insurance for."

"Only a few days. We're helping our boss out."

"With a getaway," Fingers added.

"Exactly," said Charlie. "A getaway."

"Well we can do short-term insurance from one to twenty-eight days, so that certainly fits in with your requirements. Now will you need Third Party or Fully Comprehensive which will cover your vehicle if someone hits you?"

"If they hit us, we hit them," said Big Ernie.

"No we don't!" snapped Charlie. "I told you about that, didn't I? We want to keep this one quiet, don't we? If anyone gets wind of it, it will spoil the... surprise."

"Sorry, Charlie."

"Good. So, yes, we'll go with the Fully Comprehensive cover for a week."

"Excellent choice, Sir. If you'll give me your number I'll get you a quote and you can come back and finish the paperwork."

"That's fine, we'll be back. Come on lads..."

"'Ere, Charlie," said Big Ernie as they walked out of the office. "When we paint the boss' bungalow for his holiday getaway, are you sure we should do it Apple Blossom White? I still reckon Jasmine White would look better."

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